[VIDEO BLOG] Job Seeker or Job Keeper, which is the stimulus package for you?

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Rachael Ooi 18 hrs · Here are the latest announcements explained for the jobseeker and job keeper payments… Please contact me on 0411 413 218, email or personal message me on Facebook me If you have any questions!


Finding your way through the Stimulus package minefield

In this crazy time, it is ok to feel uneasy and frustrated. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world. Almost everyone I have spoken to this week has been negatively impacted with the effect of the Coronavirus. The effect has been in many forms, from joblessness, to being home bound or having losses in investments. On top of that, the government have chosen to call the 2 major lifelines job seeker and job keeper, how confusing! Let me explain to you the difference and how to navigate this minefield at this time with some clarity and some examples…

If you have lost your job or been stood down without pay there are 2 main payments which ScoMo announced are uniquely Australian solutions based on the principles of Australians. These options are fantastic initiatives and hopefully will ease some of the pressure on those who have been affected. Please note that every person is different and below is general advice only.

Job Seeker Payment

This payment is a payment made by Centrelink and you can apply for this payment using the intent to claim button in your Mygov portal. This payment may be applicable in the following circumstances;

  • Not able to work or don’t have work
  • In isolation or in hospital
  • Caring for children

Please be aware that whilst the ‘Assets test’ has been waived under the current Coronavirus measures for new applications. However, the ‘incomes test’ may affect your eligibility to claim a payment. This means that if you have a partner that earns more than $79,762 you will not be eligible for any payment or part payment under this scheme.

The maximum job seeker payment rates are as follows and will depend on your personal circumstances;

Personal Circumstances

Job seeker Fortnightly payment rate

Single – no children


Single with dependent child or children




If you are entitled to an eligible payment you will receive a temporary fortnightly $550 Coronavirus supplement from the 27th April 2020

For more information in regards to the job seeker payment please see the following link;

Job keeper Payment:

This payment is a payment made by your employer as continued wages and your employer will be eligible to receive $1,500 per employee per fortnight to pass onto the employee if the employee was on the books as at 1 March 2020. To be eligible, the business must have had a reduction of 30% of revenue and declare this. Employers have a legal obligation to pass on the payment and some employees may receive their ordinary wage or just the $1,500 supplement. It is designed at minimum for employees to receive $1,500 per fortnight. For businesses with an aggregate turnover of $1,000,000,000 (billion) or more, a 50% reduction is required. An employee is eligible if they are part-time, full time, sole trader or casual (casual must have been employed greater than 12 months) and New Zealanders on the 444 Visa are eligible. There will be no SG payment on this Job keeper payment.

You are not eligible to receive both the Jobseeker payment and Job keeper at the same time. Individuals who lose their job post 1 March should check with their employers to see if they are an eligible employee for the job keeper payment.

You will need to contact your employer to find out if you are eligible for this payment. For further information on the job keeper payment please see the following link;


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